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Vinod Isaac's Blog

This is the place where you can read and comment some of my articles that I am going to add.

Hurricane Irene - A Divine Intervention.

By Vinod at 2011-08-29 21:01:22
Aug 25 forecast was Irene will become category 4 hurricane. Eye will pass through directly over Empire state building. It will be bigger than Katrina. It will bring massive catastrophe. After it passed by, now you hear that scientific predictions were wrong. Spaghetti Models were not accurate. Scientists are frantically trying to figure out why they were so wrong.

What really happened?

Aug 12th 2011 I saw a vision that a chariot moving fast. Lord said devil is furiously trying to get to Washington to destroy USA

You can see it in my blog at http://vinisaac.blogs.jcsearch.com/12740 We prayed and we asked others to pray about it. Aug 23rd 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit East Coast. It is exactly same region where Hurricane Irene moved through.

Devil planned to first create havoc by bringing massive earthquake that will cut off access to East Coast and then submerge earthquake hit areas with water so that no one can survive.

Devil failed to make earthquake massive because he could not penetrate the dome of protection that was over USA. He moved ahead with his plans and gathered together hurricane Irene to hit the same area with Category 4 extremely powerful hurricane with winds reaching more than 131 mph.

Aug 25th All the predictions about hurricane Irene were that it is going to strengthen to Category 4.

Here is an excerpt from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/24/hurricane-irene-path-maps_n_935195.html?ref=fb&src=sp

UPDATE Aug. 25, 12:57pm: These maps have been updated from Wednesday's forecast to display the latest NOAA projections of Hurricane Irene's path. The storm is expected to reach Category 4 and could hit North Carolina by Saturday afternoon as it makes its way up the east coast.

Pictures show hurricane status at various times.

Hurricane Irene Aug 24th 11PM Category 3 120 mph Hurricane Irene Aug 25th 11PM Category 3 115 mph
Aug 25th was my sister Sheela Isaac's birthday. After we got filled with Holy Spirit, Lord began to give promises on birthdays for the whole coming year. It almost became a tradition for us that we wait for the moment and time of our family prayer.

Aug 25th evening we gathered together for prayer. Every time when it is birthday of my sister Sheela Isaac, we hear heavy stuff from the Lord. Many times Lord gave promises to my sister that He is going to use her by revealing deep mysteries. Well we expected something powerful but didn't expect to hear anything about Irene. Lord spoke about how Moses parted the red sea. He said how Moses got a deeper revelation and that enabled him to do what he did, same way He is going to open up visions. He is going to give master key about Hurricane Irene.

Now we got all our attention on Irene. 25th evening it was sitting at 115 mph a Category 3 hurricane, on the water ready to gather strength and to go Category 4 which is more than 131 mph.

Hurricane Irene Aug 25th 11PM Category 3 115 mph

We talked about it that if something has to happen that has to happen soon. She prayed in the night and got nothing. Next morning, 26th Aug, she woke up at 4 AM CDT and she prayed for Irene again and Lord showed a vision of white hurricane image over the USA map that was slowly shrinking and turning into a line.

She shared it with us and we thought ok, doesn't look like a key but something Lord has shown. Morning we tuned in the TV news and heard that hurricane has weakened slightly but will gain strength. Then we read that it was morning 5:15 EDT (4:15 CDT) it was downgraded from category 3 to category 2 to 110 mph. Then it was constantly losing it's strength. Each time scientists predicted it will strengthen but it was losing speed.

Hurricane Irene Aug 26th 5AM Category 2 110 mph
Hurricane Irene Aug 26th 11AM Category 2 105 mph
Hurricane Irene Aug 26th 2PM Category 2 100 mph
Hurricane Irene Aug 27th 3AM Category 1 90 mph
Hurricane Irene Aug 27th 8AM Category 1 85 mph
Hurricane Irene Aug 27th 5PM Category 1 80 mph

Still didn't know why key was not given. 27th Aug passed by and still no key. 28th Aug morning she woke up at 4 and prayed again and this time she saw the demon that was causing the hurricane. It looked like a cartoon and was sitting on a chair as a school teacher/master with one leg on the chair and one hand on his chin. Holy Spirit revealed the name of the demon as Tam Tabila. She commanded it to go but instead of going it began to dance and sing Irene, Irene as if it is making a victory celebration. All in the room began to dance. After about 30 min of rebuking it in Jesus name, it stomped it's feet 6-7 times on the floor with anger. Finally it collapsed on the table as if it got unconscious. This was the exact time when Irene was about to hit NY.

We tuned in the TV news and we could see bewilderment in the face of Matt Lauer (NBC), George Stephanopoulos (ABC) etc. They were still expecting things to go worse but instead Irene was dramatically slowing down. Hurricane's eye has already disappeared and they could call it only as center. Reporters in their meter could not pick up wind speed above 60 mph. They were asking why it is still Category 1 if it is below 74 mph. I saw Sam Champion (ABC) saying in astonishment that as soon as Irene is moving past, rain is stopping abruptly. Irene that was expected to rain for hours was not doing as expected. He explained with astonishment that lower half portion of Irene, is missing and that's why rain is stopping. Something has happened and dry air is getting into Irene from south.

Hurricane Irene Aug 28th 5AM Category 1 75 mph
Hurricane Irene Aug 28th 11AM Tropical Storm 60 mph
Hurricane Irene Aug 28th 2PM Tropical Storm 60 mph
Hurricane Irene Aug 28th 5PM Tropical Storm 50 mph

Scientists got every thing right about what devil is going to do but they could not get that what God was about to do. I believe if God had not intervened, entire East Coast would have been history or it would have been another Katrina.

Well devil is not over yet. He is furious and may strike again. We need to pray harder and harder.
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By Samuel Darden at 2019-10-28 17:16:58
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